About Us

Five River Food Stuff  Trading L.L.C.

is one of good in trading Spices, Dry out Fruits, Essential oil Seeds, Herbal and grains products, working from United Arab Emirates (UAE). We import and export the products from worldwide where they may be cultivated and export to marketplaces like the Middle East, Africa & Asia. Our reputation is made on customer support and high quality products. Our products is Rice, Wheat Flour, Grain & Pulses, Spices, Fruits and vegetables, Cooking Essential oil, Halal Meat (Poultry, Mutton, Meat ), Seafoods and Freezing items etc.

Established over a decade ago, Today and yes it is a well-known name in neuro-scientific Food Files Trading in United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Our distribution to provide of all types of high quality products to Hotels, Restaurants, Hypermarkets, Supermarkets, Catering etc. according to certain requirements of the clients. We have storage space ability and offer of most foodstuffs.

If you are an Exporter searching for a reliable partner in the centre East, you are in the right place. Just you have to regularly deliver top quality Rice, Spices, Dry out Fruits, Grains, Essential oil seeds and Natural products at good prices.

Our Mission

To produce leading and trusted brands in the Rice, Pluses, Grains, Dry out Fruits, Meat, Fruits & vegetables over the Saudi Arab, Nigeria, Bahrain, Somalia, Kenya, Russia, Europe and other parts of the world. To generate modern distribution and warehousing facilities over the region that will aid the different sections under Five River Food Stuff Trading LLC.

Our Values

Honesty – We will achieve our goals through honesty and honoring our guarantees to both customers and companions.
Quality – To supply our customers with high quality products and services with true value for his or her money.
Customer Joy – To earn our customers’ devotion by maintaining a higher level of joy from conference a need or getting a goal.
Partnership – To determine resilient business partnerships with all our folks who are thinking about a business.

People – To always support and develop our best valuable thing, our employees.